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    Vancity Bones (Bill Zone)

    West Coast based Artist/Producer/Engineer/Composer

    I have been making and producing music since I was 15. Thats 20 years ago now. I started in Vancouver, Canada, as a teenage guitar player playing live with bands since age 15. In my late teens, my musical interest became focused on creating hip hop with my group Def Poets Society. In my mid-twenties I ran numerous recording studios including The Compound and Grip Tight Records. At age 27, I was part of a rap/r&b group called Coast Riderz. From 2009 t0 2014 I ran another recording studio in Vancouver called China Lab Sound. In 2015 I moved to Los Angeles, California and am looking to keep this music thing going forward…

    Featured Tracks

    Rap Villains – On The Rise (2013)

    Bill Zone – Mayjah Bxtch (2014)

    Bill Zone – Bones Likes That